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If you are tired of living with unwanted fat on your face, neck, or body, we can help.

At B+A Medical Aesthetics, we are equipped with cutting-edge technology to reshape and resculpt without surgery. Experience the premier body sculpting center in Austin, where every treatment is focused on your individual needs.

The cornerstones of our practice are innovation, passion, uncompromising care, integrity, respect, and spreading joy with body sculpting and a range of wellness and aesthetic treatments.

Treatable Areas

Are you one of the countless people who live with pockets of fat on your face or body? Unwanted fat can appear in various areas of the face and body, most commonly:

Double chin

Love handles

Bulging abdomen

Upper thighs


Bra line



Fat Removal Treatments
in Austin, TX

In the past, you had two options for removing unwanted fat—surgery or liposuction. Thankfully, recent innovations have resulted in new, non-surgical, FDA-approved technology to remove excess fat, and injections to remove a double chin. At B+A, we offer several treatments for custom body sculpting.

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Kybella injections work to melt away under-chin fat with an active ingredient found in nature. This synthetic version of deoxycholic acid works to break down fat cells, which are flushed away by your body over time.


BodyTite produces a dual result, melting away unwanted fat and tightening skin in one treatment.

Emsculpt NEO

If you are generally fit but have excess fat and lack muscle definition, Emsculpt treatments could be your answer. The treatment triggers ultra-rapid muscle contractions, melting fat beneath your skin and building muscles.

Evolve Body Contouring

Evolve is a next-generation body sculpting system that emits radiofrequency energy (RF), generating heat in the subdermal layers of your skin, combined with a vacuum and energy pulses to remodel and reshape your physique—without surgery.

Why choose B+A Medical Wellness Center in Austin?

At B+A, you will be under the care of two of the region’s most respected medical professionals.

Our private clinic in Cedar Park was established to reflect our philosophy of care and offer leading-edge treatments for body contouring and a multitude of other wellness and skin conditions. The cornerstones of our values are innovation, passion, uncompromising care, integrity, and respect.

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Effective Fat Removal in Austin

Our private, luxury facility is modern, comfortable, and equipped with cutting-edge technology designed to provide a superior level of comfort and care. Our patients are the focus of our practice, and we only recommend treatments that will work for you, as an individual, without pressure or pretension. Our Austin medspa is managed by two highly-trained and respected surgeons who are onsite, available, and oversee all procedures. Dr. Basa and Dr. Abando are present, accessible, and direct every aspect of your care.

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