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Medical Weight Loss Program in Cedar Park

A video support series from B+A

Designed to help you take control of your new lifestyle after weight loss.

Introduction to Weight Management Series

Our Lifestyle support video series for anyone who wants to maintain the weight they have lost. Spend a few minutes watching a video, asking any questions you may have and then, if your doctor approves, attempting the simple challenge until the next video comes out.

In the video series we address and practice the skills that long term weight loss demands. If you are losing weight, these are the skills you will want to learn and practice to reach the level of success we wish for you.

Becoming Water Wise

Adjusting hydration is one of the easiest methods for improving health and assisting weight management. Simple changes can have a big effect on your weight.

In this our second bariatric support video, we’ll look at water and how it contributes to weight management. We’ll show you how to make some of these simple changes that can help you reduce calories and improve your overall health. In just three and a half minutes you’ll get enough information to start hydration working for you as another tool in your weight management toolbox.

Controlling Overeating With Your Mind

Does it sometimes feel like your own mind is working against you when it comes to weight management? In many cases that’s because it is. Our perceptions are built on our experiences so what we know from the past often colors how we look at things right now. When you are trying to change your relationship with food, perceptions based on your past may not be the most helpful.

This week’s bariatric support video takes a look at perceptions and offers some practical advice on how to get your brain to work for your weight loss instead of against it.

The Power in Protein

Are you trying to break free from nagging hunger or carbohydrate cravings? Do you worry about getting the right nutrients into your body to support weight loss without risking gaining weight? Join us for this week’s bariatric support video as we dive into protein and learn how to best use it as part of weight management.

We’ll spend just four minutes on this critical food group and leave you with some tips that will help you control hunger and cravings faster and easier than ever before.

Curving Carb Cravings

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for our body, especially for the brain and central nervous system. When you consume too many calories from carbohydrate-containing foods, your body will store it as fat. Controlling carbs is not easy because they are everywhere.

Get in Touch

The weight loss process doesn’t end immediately after surgery; it requires a lifelong commitment to healthy eating, regular exercise, and accepting moral support.

If you have questions about life after weight loss surgery or the comprehensive support that our Austin-area B+A surgeons offer, contact our practice. We would be happy to answer your questions about our post-surgery follow-up program.