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Gastric Band (Lap Band) Surgery

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In Austin, We Look at the Research

Gastric band surgery involves placing a band around the top of the stomach to limit food intake.

Unfortunately, studies have shown this procedure to be ineffective for long-term weight loss. If you have a gastric band, our surgeons can remove it and, if desired, replace it with a more effective solution.

If you are having problems with your band and want to discuss your issues or want to consider conversion to a more effective surgical weight loss option, we are here to help.

Your first appointment will start with a consultation so our surgeons, Dr. Basa and Dr. Abando, can get to know you and your medical history. We’ll discuss your treatment options in-depth and help you determine if replacing the band with a more effective solution is right for you.

The True Results

Oftentimes this procedure is outpatient or a one-day stay. Some have had success with the lap band with weight loss. However, the majority of people have not had success nor have they been given the necessary preoperative and postoperative instruction to be successful.

Multiple studies have shown results are not as desirable or consistent as those with the laparoscopic gastric bypass or the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. On average, weight loss success is around 35-40% of your excess weight. That means if you are 100 pounds overweight, you should only expect to lose 35 to 40 pounds.

How it Works

A lap band is a silicone ring with adjustable balloons that cause restriction at the top part of your stomach to prevent you from overeating.

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Due to the poor results of the lap band, our practice does not offer placement or adjustment of gastric bands.

We do, however, offer a reconsideration and evaluation for either simple removal of the band or conversion of the band to a more effective surgical weight loss option like the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy or roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Basa and Dr. Abando are board-certified general surgeons with extensive experience in bariatric surgery.

Combined, these surgeons have performed over 3,000 bariatric procedures. In 2019, they pursued specialized training in aesthetics to help patients continue their journey to better self-confidence. If you are looking for a bariatric surgeon in Cedar Park, learn more about our doctors.

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