Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

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  • Consultation Required?

    Yes – Schedule a Consultation

  • Treatment Type

    Radiofrequency and electromagnetic field

  • Treatment Length

    30 minutes

  • Number of Treatments Needed

    4 treatments over 4 weeks

  • Downtime


  • Duration of Results

    6-12 months or longer with maintenance treatments and a healthy diet/exercise routine

Melt Fat and Build Muscle With EMSCULPT NEO

If you dream of turning loose or fatty areas of your body into firm, toned muscle, then EMSCULPT NEO could be the answer.

B+A Medical Aesthetics is a surgeon-owned and operated clinic offering advanced and effective aesthetic treatments.

Based in Cedar Park, we offer EMSCULPT NEO in Austin to patients looking for non-surgical body sculpting. Through a combination of radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, EMSCULPT NEO simultaneously destroys fat and builds muscle.

Your Consultation

Every patient starts with a consultation at B+A Medical Aesthetics. During this consultation, we learn more about your health history, your individual concerns, and answer any questions you may have. Our highly experienced and caring providers will help you feel comfortable and ensure you are fully informed of your treatment options. Together, we’ll determine if EMSCULPT NEO is the best treatment for your desired results.

HIEM Technology

The high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology in EMSCULPT NEO works to build muscle and sculpt the body. This treatment contours fat and muscle to improve the tone and shape of your stomach, butt, and other challenging areas.

The energy emitted by the device is targeted to specific muscle groups, triggering ultra-rapid muscle contractions—far faster than could be achieved with exercise. The muscle contractions build muscle and stimulate the body to shed unwanted fat cells.

Tone with Emsculpt

HIFEM energy forces the muscle to contract, releasing fatty acid and imploding fat cells. The result of these extreme conditions and contractions is contoured and toned muscle.

The areas of the body that are ideal for HIFEM treatment include:

  • Abs
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

You will rest comfortably on a treatment bed while the device does its magic.

What to Expect with EMSCULPT NEO

EMSCULPT NEO treatments affect both fat and muscle, adding muscle mass, creating muscle definition, and causing fat cells to be swept away by body processes. For improved core strength, lifted and firmed buttocks, and trimmer, more defined thighs, EMSCULPT NEO produces a visible result in four treatments over two weeks.

EMSCULPT NEO in Austin is also used for shaping the thighs and treating diastasis recti (a condition commonly called abdominal separation that results when the abdominal muscles have widened, or appear split, typically after pregnancy).

Emsculpt NEO Results

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Why Choose B+A?

A comfortable environment

Relax and refresh in our clean, modern medical aesthetics clinic, conveniently located in Cedar Park.

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Our providers have extensive training to administer EMSCULPT NEO in Austin.

Compassionate care

We are here to listen, understand, and care for you along every step of your aesthetic journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions About EMSCULPT NEO