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Medical Weight Loss

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    Comprehensive medical weight loss

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    We will help you achieve sustainable, long-term weight loss

Surgery Isn’t Always Necessary

B+A Surgeons is a surgeon-owned and operated clinic offering advanced and effective wellness treatments.

Based in Cedar Park, we offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program to help patients reach their goals. Depending on your needs, your program might include medication (like Semaglutide,) nutrition advice, and lifestyle guidance for sustainable weight loss.

Our providers are dedicated to improving your health and quality of life. Your first appointment will include a consultation where our caring providers will learn more about you, your medical history, and your weight loss goals. From there, we create a customized weight loss program to help you achieve your goals. If you have questions at any point during the process, our physicians, advanced practice providers, dietitians, health coaches, and other team members are happy to help.

Program Details

An Alternative to Surgery

Patients who are hesitant about the surgical treatment of obesity may consider less-invasive alternatives. Following a strict diet along with behavior modification, can produce long-term results similar to those attainable through Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

A medically supervised weight loss program is an effective way to set goals, develop a comprehensive plan to meet these goals, receive the necessary tools to follow the plan, and measure progress under the direction of a medical professional.

How it Works

Your body draws energy from carbohydrates, from muscle and from fat. Your body normally draws energy from the carbohydrates first, then muscle and finally fat.

With Ideal Protein method, we limit the amount of carbohydrate you intake to encourage the body to burn fat and muscle. To prevent the body from burning lean muscle mass, the dieter eats the high biological protein foods to help support maintaining your muscle mass, therefore burning fat.

During the weigh loss phase, the dieter will be learning smarter eating habits and lifestyle choice so once their goal weight is achieved, the can maintain a stable weight.

What to Expect

Ideal Protein is a comprehensive weight loss plan that is supervised by health coaches overseen by physicians trained in bariatric medicine. Ideal Protein is available in our practice now.

B+A health coaches are certified by the program’s developer, Dr. Tran Tien Chanh in the Ideal Protein weight loss method training module. The program includes regular follow-up visits to monitor the dieter’s progress and address any obstacles that may crop up during the weight loss process.

Life Changing Results

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Medical Weight Loss in Austin

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Our providers have extensive training and knowledge in effective weight loss programs.

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We are here to listen, understand, and care for you through every step of your weight loss journey.

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