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Love handles, a muffin top, or a spare tire—whatever you call it, fat retention at the waistline is never welcome.

If you have accumulated excess fat that diet and exercise are not resolving, at B+A in Cedar Park, we have answers that work.

How to Remove Love Handles

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise are essential for good health, but the fat lodged at your waistline is very difficult to shed.

Treatment with one of our array of innovative body sculpting systems can melt away your love handles and leave your body looking youthful, fit, and attractive. Imagine being able to wear tight or revealing clothing with confidence.

Treatments for Love Handles
in Austin, TX

When it is time to do something about your love handles, you want to be under the care of a medical professional. At our private clinic in Cedar Park, your journey to a slimmer body will be directed by our acclaimed surgeons, who are always onsite to ensure your health, safety, and comfort.


The BodyTite system works to trim away love handles with directional RF energy. The energy emitted by the device coagulates fat, called “radiofrequency assisted lipolysis,” or RFAL. The BodyTite system can safely and effectively re-contour your abdominal area and tighten your skin, all without the need to undergo surgery.


EMSCULPT allows you to burn fat at a high rate with HIFEM technology (high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology). The waves of energy emitted by the device trigger ultra-rapid muscle contractions. With a series of four treatments over two weeks, fat burns off, muscles become more defined, and love handles melt away.


Once the fat is melted away, you may be left with excess skin—that’s when the Evolve system comes into play, tightening loose skin without surgery.

Forma Plus

Cellulite and loose skin are common problems that affect people of all shapes and sizes. Forma Plus provides beautiful body sculpting and skin rejuvenation without the need for knives, injections or needles.

Evolve Trim

Evolve Trim is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, slimming and sculpting multiple body areas in a single treatment. The device works with a combination of RF energy, deep tissue heating, and vacuum pressure to slim love handles and re-contour other body areas.

Why choose B+A Medical Wellness Center in Austin?

At B+A, you will be under the care of two of the region’s most respected medical professionals.

Our private clinic in Cedar Park was established to reflect our philosophy of care and offer leading-edge treatments for body contouring. The cornerstones of our values are innovation, passion, uncompromising care, integrity, and respect.

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