Five Morning Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

If you are following a diet and exercise plan, after your weight loss surgery, you can start the day off right by developing healthy habits. What you do in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Here are five tips to help you have a healthy morning:

Start with Some Meditation

Shortly after waking up, begin the day with some meditation. You can play a meditation video on your phone or TV to guide your deep breathing. Another option is to simply sit back and focus on breathing for a few minutes. Performing some meditation will help clear your mind and allow you to focus on the important parts of your day.

Be Active

If you have the time and energy to do a workout in the morning, go for it! Even if you are still sleepy, it is a good idea to do some movement, such as a quick jog around the block or working with small dumbbells. The morning is a good time to be active because you will not be distracted by texts, emails, or family needs. Plus, you are more likely to lose weight if you exercise before eating breakfast.

Add More Protein to Your Breakfast

Protein helps you lose weight because you stay satisfied for a longer period of time. Reports have shown that people who eat protein-heavy breakfasts tend to eat smaller lunches in the afternoon. Some examples of protein-rich foods include eggs, greek yogurt, overnight oats, and breakfast burritos.

Drink from Smaller Glasses

There is a common saying that your eyes are bigger than your stomach. When it comes to portion control, calories can really add up if you use larger plates and cups. Especially after weight loss surgery, since juice is packed with sugar and calories, it is best to stay away from it or drink less . Choose a tall, thin glass to drink from. It will still appear that you have a lot of juice, but in fact, it is often less compared to a short, wide cup.

Soak Up the Sun

Open up the blinds and bring some sunshine into the room when you first wake up. Not only does letting the sun in naturally make you more alert, but it can also help with weight loss. Reports have shown that your metabolism can be altered from a lack of sunlight, causing weight gain. Letting the sunshine into your room while you get ready for the day can give you the healthy boost you need.

You can have a healthy day by making the right choices in the morning. These habits require very little effort on your part and can make a difference in how the rest of your day goes. As long as you are staying active and making healthy food choices, you can succeed in your fitness goals.