Forming Online Support Groups

The weight loss process can be a tumultuous one. There are ups and downs; good days and bad days. Working with a medical weight loss doctor can help you to start a program that is right for your body’s needs, but even with medical support in place there are still going to be times in which you’ll be tempted to give up. Acknowledging the difficult times before they begin is helpful in preparing yourself to power through them. The best way to manage those down days is to have a strong support network in place.

A strong support network can keep you motivated and on track for success as you work through your weight loss program. The trouble is that not all of your friends and family members are going to be ideal members of this support group. While you may have family members who have gone through their own weight loss battles, and friends may want to be supportive towards you as you make these changes, it is often beneficial to bring in a totally new perspective as you begin a new program. This is why joining a support group can be helpful. Support groups bring together those who are going through somethings similar to give everyone a chance to talk and share ideas, thereby helping provide support and motivation through the good days and the bad days.

Here are a few benefits of working with an online support group:

  • Find support when and where you need it. You won’t be limited to a certain time of day or place in which you can reach out for support.
  • Open the door to connect with people anywhere in the world. You aren’t limited by locale, so you can find support from a friend across the country.
  • Increase privacy and anonymity by only connecting online. While there are certainly benefits to putting yourself out-there and developing strong connections with those in your support group, if you are nervous about sharing and worried about what other’s may think of your concerns, an online support group can create a genuine haven.

There are plenty of ways to find a strong support group online. Facebook Groups makes it easy to find one on your own based on whatever it is you are interested in. You can also reach out to your medical weight loss doctor to find out if there are any other online resources worth pursuing.