Healthy Food on the Go

Fast food is an American way of life. In the long scheme of things, it hasn’t been so long that our eating habits have been tied to drive-thru specials and processed foods, but at this point, overcoming the fast food draw is a major challenge.

After weight loss surgery, avoiding fast food is a must.  As tempting as a quick meal from a drive-thru might be, it is a plain and simple fact that if your goal is to be healthy and lose weight, then you are better off staying far away from the drive-thru. Even the so-called healthy alternatives are better off avoided as you are trying to lose weight.

The Trouble with Fast Food

Over the past 20 years, fast food menus have expanded tremendously, and many attempt to market to dieters with special “low calorie” or “skinny” meal options that are actually not much better for you at all.

The rise of the fast food industry can be directly correlated to the rise of obesity in the United States.  While the menus at so many fast food restaurants now include healthy-sounding items like salads and parfaits, the restaurants often load the items with additives and artificial flavors in an attempt to make people like them more, and this means that during your weight loss program, your best bet is to avoid these options entirely.

Skip the drive through by opting for these healthy options instead:

  • For a quick and healthy dinner quick, try running into your local grocer and picking up a rotisserie chicken and a bag of salad. This is a great way to feed the whole family, and will cost less than your average fast food meal, too.
  • When you go grocery shopping, load your fridge up with simple to-go meals that you can have any time you need. Talk with your medical weight loss doctor about your best options. This might include yogurts, quick lettuce wraps, or even a protein shake.
  • Do your best to think plant-based first. If you need a quick snack, look to your fruits and veggies before you start exploring other options.

If you spend the time doing the math to add it all up, stopping for fast-food a few times a week can really put a dent in your wallet. Eating at home is much more financially responsible, and is going to be better for your weight loss goals after bariatric surgery.