Bariatric Support Series Part 10

#10: Increasing Movement


Challenge Review

Let’s start by taking out your journal.

Most of you have something in your hand right now, an app in your phone or tablet like baritastic, a day planner style journal, a few sheets of paper, even the back of a napkin if that is what you prefer. If your hands are empty though – well that is ok but I think you will find it helpful and if you are struggling with weight, journaling is a big part of helping your weight management team help you find the issue. So if you don’t have a journal do yourself a big favor and start one just for a little while to see if it helps.

Does it help, well you can tell me. Add your comments into the chat box and see if you were able to identify any of those emotional links with overeating? No links and no overeating? That is wonderful. A few links but the tips I gave you helped out? That is great too.

Several bouts of emotional eating and nothing you tried worked? Ok – now is the time to get some real help because this is not going to fix itself. Tell me what you found and your clinic support team will take it from there with some practical solutions for what you are going through.

Today we are going to talk about a new topic exercise!

Most of us don’t move enough. It could be our job, our habits, pain or other health issues. There are lots of reasons that sitting has become one of the most serious and common health problems of our times.

Sitting for long periods of time can actually increase our fasting insulin resistance.  Sitting for more than 8 hrs A day increases our risk for type 2 diabetes by 90%. The research also shows that the effects of prolonged sitting are not reversed by exercise.

The only way to prevent damage by prolonged sitting is to break up sitting with even 2 minute walks every hour.

So what can we do about it?

Little things we do now can prolong our lives. Here are some ideas:

  1. Fidget. Moving your legs while you sit and standing every hour and moving will help
  2. Get a cordless phone and pace while you talk. Make sure not to stay still in one spot but to walk around.
  3. Get up and walk around for two minutes every hour. By doing this you can increase your lifespan by 33% compared to those who did not.
  4. Put an exercise bike in your office and cycle for ten minutes every couple of hours. This will reduce the detrimental effects of sitting for long periods.  If you can’t do this then walking in place is good enough.
  5. Standing desk. Standing isn’t important unless you continue to move around and shift your weight.

The recommendation is to sit no more than three hours total a day. Begin by standing for two hours of your work day and try to work up to four. Change your posture every 20 to 30 minutes. Remember that it’s not just at work. Driving to work and home and watching TV is all counted in sitting totals.

Session Ten Challenge

And now the two week challenge and yes you guessed it I am going to challenge you to stand up more.

you don’t have to go out and buy a sit stand desk – just come up with a couple of strategies for reducing your sitting time that involve walking around as well as standing.

I am looking forward to hearing how you feel after two weeks.