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Aaron Serna

Exercise Physiologist

Aaron is a dedicated healthcare professional specializing in advanced cardiopulmonary exercise physiology. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State University, focusing on Health and Wellness promotion for clinical populations, with a minor in psychology. With almost five years of experience in cardiopulmonary diagnostics in central Texas and surrounding cities, Aaron works alongside our cardiologist and cardiac sonographer at B+A surgeons to ensure our patients are safe for surgery.

His primary focus at the clinic is on increasing successful weight loss outcomes long term and maintaining lean muscle mass for overall health.

Aaron’s background in cardiac rehabilitation at Memorial Hermann Memorial City in Houston, Texas, has honed his expertise in safely and effectively rehabilitating and exercising patients. His career has evolved from tertiary care to preventive care, focusing on helping patients lose weight, reduce comorbidities, and increase longevity.

Aaron’s primary goal is to enhance quality of life, enrich livelihoods, and optimize patient health.

In his free time, Aaron loves to fish and golf. He also enjoys a daily cold plunge combined with a gym workout and sauna session. He is big on music and always appreciates a good laugh.