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Joanne Moreno

Billing Manager

Joanne is a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry, having embarked on her journey in 1995. With an impressive twenty-eight years of experience in customer service and insurance within the medical field, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every role.

Since joining B+A Surgeons in 2016, Joanne has risen to the pivotal position of Billing Manager. Her seven years of specialized billing experience, combined with her extensive background, make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Joanne’s career trajectory has encompassed diverse healthcare settings, ranging from large healthcare practices to a thriving startup company. Her dynamic roles in leadership and management attest to her proficiency in steering operations towards success.

At B+A Surgeons, Joanne’s focus is on critical areas such as coding, accounts receivable management, and resolving patient billing matters. Her adeptness in these domains ensures smooth financial operations and optimal patient satisfaction.

Beyond her professional commitments, Joanne enjoys spending quality time with her granddaughters. Additionally, she enjoys relaxing at home while indulging in her favorite TV shows.