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Leigh Kubin, MCLC, CHt

Behavior Modification Specialist

Leigh Kubin is an experienced Ideal Protein Health Coach with over a decade of dedicated service in the weight loss industry. Armed with a psychology degree and certifications in Master Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, she understands that mindset is key to sustainable weight control. Leigh’s mission goes beyond weight loss; she helps individuals rediscover their passions, set life goals, and have fun in the process.

In addition to her professional expertise, Leigh is deeply engaged in the Cedar Park Community. She serves as an Ambassador for the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce, sits on the Cedar Park Library Foundation Board, and leads the Books For Babies program.

Beyond her work and community involvement, Leigh enjoys making music with her cello, embarking on outdoor adventures, and spending quality time with her family, including her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Leigh offers virtual support through Zoom weigh-ins and product shipments nationwide, making her a valuable resource for anyone striving to achieve their diet and weight loss goals. Reach out to Leigh Kubin and start your journey toward a healthier, happier you today.