Bariatric Video Series Part 1

#1: Weight Management Introduction


Welcome To Our Bariatric Video Series

I would like to welcome you to Cedar Park Surgeons video series. Your commitment to watching these videos is very important. If you are looking to lose weight or maintain your weight loss, we know it can be very challenging. Remember that you are not alone. We hope to empower and educate you into a healthier lifestyle. You will have access to 24 videos outlining tips on lifestyle intervention for diet, physical activity and behavior therapy. We hope you find them helpful in your weight loss journey.

The difficult part of weight loss is usually in the maintenance phase. This is because our bodies have a tendency to maintain a specific weight and will adjust internal body processes accordingly. If your body goes above or below the pre-determined “set Point” is what we call it, this set point range, will counteract efforts to lose or maintain the Weight. This makes it very difficult and frustrating for many people struggling to lose or keep off those “extra” pounds. That’s why we have created this video series for you. All of us need support and guidance when it comes to maintaining weight loss and this is one easy way that you can work with your clinic’s support team to ensure your success. This video program will help you regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey.

It is important to realize that weight loss and maintenance are long-term commitments that require constant attention. Weight loss and maintenance are skills that you have to learn. The only thing that will have lasting effects on us is when we are ready to make lifestyle changes. These changes will make us not only lose the weight, but keep it off for life.

Think of any skill you have acquired over the years. Weight management is a skill set that you should view as learning like it would be to play a musical instrument or to learn how to snow ski. It takes a lot of practice.

Sustainable weight loss is not a fast process. Weight loss is not just one skill. It is a composite of nutrition, diet, exercise and behavior which all have to be learned and practiced. Practice is repetition so even if you have heard some of the information before and I’m sure you have – even a hundred times, stay with me because every video is designed to help you achieve your goal and long term weight maintenance.

At the end of each video a small challenge will be presented. I would ask that you practice the challenge until the next video which is roughly about 2 weeks. I hope you will take the challenge and discover more about yourself. I also hope you will share your experience with me using the comment box below the video.

Today’s Challenge

So here is your challenge for this week: I want you to start being kind to yourself. Everything we do comes from this point. Forgive yourself if you have made mistakes in the past that may have slowed down or stalled your progress. Forgive yourself.  Treat yourself as you would a family member or a friend that you love.

Now let’s think about these questions: (Share the answers with me if you feel comfortable doing so.)

Where are you in your journey? Have you begun, have you completed a program, or are you a surgical candidate for weight loss? Let me know where you are starting from. What are you finding to be the biggest challenge now? What has derailed your attempts of weight loss in the past? Commit to watching these videos (they are short after all). And we think you’ll find them helpful. Think of it as a gift you are giving to yourself to reinforce your learning and give you some guided practice.