What is an Aesthetician? [Austin]

Why B+A Works With Trained Aestheticians

One way B+A Medical Aesthetics sets itself apart is by providing exceptional skin rejuvenation under the direction of medical professionals. Our practice goes above and beyond the care provided at a typical med spa.

B+A Medical Aesthetics offers a variety of medical aesthetic options that help patients achieve an effortless appearance. Our surgeon-operated and owned clinic is a destination for people who want to rejuvenate their skin in Austin.

In this blog, we’ll detail what an aesthetician is and the treatments they can do at medical aesthetics facilities.

Aesthetician vs. Esthetician

What Is an Aesthetician? | Austin Medical Aesthetics Professionals

An aesthetician at B+A Medical Aesthetics is a skincare and facial rejuvenation expert. Our practice’s aestheticians are focused on providing medical aesthetic treatments and are certified to perform laser treatments. This allows them to help administer medical aesthetic procedures for skin rejuvenation and perform body treatments.

What Is an Esthetician? | Austin Spa Treatment Provider

Estheticians can’t perform as many treatments. They are limited to providing facials, chemical peels, and spa-based skincare.

Why Get Treatments at a Medical Aesthetics Facility?

In a medical spa or medical aesthetics facility, the practice operates as a medical clinic first and a spa second. It needs a medical director, typically a doctor, to allow the facility to provide medical-grade skincare, unlike skincare found in department stores or retail stores.

So, when it comes to answering the question, “What is an aesthetician?”, Austin patients will benefit from getting medical aesthetics services from our practice’s talented aesthetic professionals. Our providers have specialized training and work under the care of a doctor.

What is an Aesthetician? | Austin Patients Can Work With the Best at B+A

Our medical aesthetics practice is led by Dr. Nicole Basa and Dr. Alan Abando. The husband and wife team specializes in aesthetics as well as general and bariatric surgery. The surgeons and their accomplished patient care associates provide excellent service in a comfortable environment, creating the perfect space for your transformation.

If you’re ready to experience outstanding care, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced aesthetic providers today.

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