Gastric Sleeve in Cedar Park

An Introduction to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Surgeons performing gastric sleeve in Cedar Park

Losing weight is incredibly difficult. If you’ve tried countless diets and exercise programs and still aren’t seeing results, weight loss surgery could be an option for you. 

B+A Surgeons is a family team founded by Dr. Nicole Basa and Dr. Alan Abando over 15 years ago. As a practice that specializes in bariatrics, we have created a destination in Cedar Park for patients who want to improve their health in a safe, caring, and judgment-free environment. 

In this blog, we are discussing one of our most commonly performed surgeries to help patients lose weight: the gastric sleeve. 

Gastric Sleeve 

Gastric sleeve surgery (also known as a “sleeve gastrectomy”) is a procedure where we remove approximately 70% of the stomach, leaving a small, banana-shaped pouch. Unlike gastric bypass or a duodenal switch, we leave the intestines fully intact. 

A sleeve gastrectomy causes the stomach to become much smaller and, thus, hold less food. This helps patients feel more full after only eating a small amount.


  • The stomach holds less, so calorie intake is greatly reduced
  • The stomach produces less ghrelin (an appetite hormone that makes you feel hungry)
  • Nutrition absorption and digestion is unaffected

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Weight loss surgery is a major decision, and it’s not the right choice for everyone. At B+A Surgeons, we are here to help you reach your weight loss goals—whether it’s through medication, lifestyle adjustments, nutrition plans, or surgery. 

Dr. Basa and Dr. Abando have performed over 3,000 bariatric procedures. If you are ready to improve your health and feel your best, schedule a consultation with our experienced providers today. 

Wondering if you are a candidate for gastric sleeve in Cedar Park? Try our bariatric screening tool to find out if surgery could be right for you.