Prepping to Lose Weight

There are a lot of changes to think about when you are getting started on a new weight loss program, and how you are going to be able to stick to your healthy meal plan even when you are in a crunch for time is one factor that you may not think about right away. In fact, many people don’t really start to consider how to plan for this problem until they are faced with it, but at this point it is almost always too late to salvage that healthy meal. Planning to stick to your weight loss program means taking the time to plan ahead for success. This may mean taking a bit of time away from your weekend to meal prep for the coming week with quick and healthy, appropriately portioned meals that will make sticking to your weight loss goals in the coming week a total breeze.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • The first thing you need to make sure that you can meal prep appropriately is the right packaging. You -can easily find small to-go containers that are perfect for lunches either online or locally at your grocery or home needs store. You’ll need enough containers to last you the entire week. The best option would be to find a set of 5 that are stackable, so they can easily fit into your fridge.
  • Once you have a simple way to store your meals and bring them to and from work, you need to plan out what you want to eat and how much time you’ll have to enjoy it. If you are working with very short lunch breaks, then it may be easiest to fully cook a meal that you can split into 5 easy portions to heat up for lunch each day.
  • If you aren’t overly hungry for large meals during the day and would be happier with smaller snacks that can keep you full and focused until dinner, then you can prep those snacks ahead of time too with small portioned packages that are easy to put in your lunch box and keep with you all day long.

Look up some healthy recipes that can help you get started with planning out your meal prep. There are plenty of healthy meal ideas out there that will follow your weight loss program guidelines. After having weight loss surgery, you may not feel like you need to think so much about meal prep, since you won’t be overly hungry, but this isn’t the case. Following your bariatric procedure you’ll need to be even more mindful of what your meals are made of, as you need to get the most nutrients into your body before you grow too full to eat any more. Planning your meals ahead of time around these needs is the easiest way to stay on track.